Earlier this year the Group were asked to make a submission to the National Cancer Medicines Advisory Group (NCMAG) for the off-label use of Abiraterone, for men with high-risk prostate cancer.

With the help of some of our members Rob Lester put together a comprehensive document which was submitted to NCMAG.

The report was extremely well received by NCMAG; however, I have to report that despite Rob’s best efforts, the Committee rejected Abiraterone as it is currently still too expensive. There is still hope that Abiraterone might eventually be approved once cheaper generic versions become available. A copy of the report accompanies this article.

In the meantime, if someone with high-risk prostate cancer feels that they need Abiraterone sooner, then it is possible for their Consultant to make a special request to their local Health Board. This is known as an Individual Patient Treatment Request.

Finally, I would like to thank Rob Lester for all his hard work in putting the Groups submission together.

Iain Annand, Chairman