ELPCSG, among its broader aims, seeks to link (or “buddy”) newly diagnosed men with prostate cancer, or men who are new to the Group, with ELPCSG members who have:

  1. Experienced a similar pathway, and/or
  2. Had a similar treatment regime to the one they are considering, and/or
  3. Otherwise want to discuss their prostate cancer with another man who has experienced prostate cancer

This “buddying” might take place by phone, e-mail or meeting up, perhaps at an ELPCSG group meetings. Trained ELPCSG members are willing to be called or emailed to talk to those diagnosed or newly diagnosed and can provide their own objective patient experience which hopefully will help, particularly for those faced with making an informed choice of treatment. Buddies are available who have had surgery, radiotherapy (both direct beam and brachytherapy) and also some who have advanced prostate cancer and secondaries. With regard to surgery, we have Buddies who have had open surgery and also laparoscopic and robotic surgery –  buddies who have had treatments as early as this year and also going back as much as 10 years are available.

What to expect when you request a Buddy:

  1. Caller telephones in on 07933 260 066 or email elpcsg@gmail.com. If you are in West Lothian, please phone Duncan Wallace on 01506 632309 or e-mail dingbrodunky@gmail.com
  2. ELPCSG respond and take down caller contact information and select a suitable Buddy (or Buddies) with similar experience of prostate cancer to that of the caller
  3. ELPCSG provide caller with information for Buddy(s) contact
  4. Caller is invited to attend ELPCSG meetings in Edinburgh and/or  West Lothian
  5. Caller is informed of ELPCSG web site and added to mailing list

To Contact a Buddy telephone our support line (07933 260 066) or email us at elpcsg@gmail.com (In West Lothian please phone Duncan Wallace on 01506 632309)

Read what member Alasdair Ferguson said about his experience of the Buddy system..

“When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013 I was faced with making important choices about treatment, against a background of anxiety about the diagnosis. It helped me enormously to talk over my options with Support Group buddies who had been in exactly the same situation and who had gone through their various treatments. They were able to describe the procedures and the side effects, and this lessened my fears; I found the decision-making process easier armed with this information. I was so encouraged by the buddy programme that I became a buddy myself to others newly diagnosed. 

Want to be a Buddy?

If you feel you could be a “Buddy” and speak very occasionally to other men objectively and sensitively about your experiences then email elpcsg@gmail.com or call our support number.

We offer half day training courses delivered free of charge by Maggies, please email elpcsg@gmail.com for information on date of next course. The following resource information is available to Buddies and Callers:



We are interested also to hear of your story if you feel it would be useful to others. Please get in touch at the e-mail address above.