ELPCSG publications

We produce two fliers - a general information leaflet about the group and the Buddying service we offer (Buddy Flier) , and an A4 poster which publicises the work of the group (Buddy Poster) - the latter is particularly useful to display in GP surgeries and medical centres. These are downloadable by clicking below.



Macmillan 'Improving the Cancer Journey - Edinburgh'

The above initiative is currently running in Fife and Dundee and in the near future will be operational in Edinburgh. If members would like to help shape the development and delivery of the Improving the Cancer Journey, the opportunity has arisen to attend online 'sharing' sessions. The dates and times are:

  • Tuesday 20th April 14:00 ​
  • Thursday 22nd April 19:00

If you are interested in attending please either e-mail or phone 07977 307286/ 07929 784 315. For more information please watch this short video:

Cancer Support Scotland Stress Management Courses April/ May/ June 2021

Cancer Support Scotland (CSS) in Glasgow have advised us that they are running online stress management group workshops, for people affected by cancer. These are weekly workshops, over a five-week period, which are free. ELPCSG members are invited to join these workshops which last one hour per week. The next stress management course dates are as follows:-

  • 22nd April 2021 - 20th May 2021
  • 24th April 2021 - 22nd May 2021
  • 27th May 2021 - 24th June 2021
  • 29th May 2021 - 26th June 2021

The following information has been provided: ‘The course is for all those affected by cancer; whether diagnosed at some point in your life, or the family or friend of someone who has been diagnosed; learning how to deal with the many challenges it brings can be incredibly important. Stress is a natural feeling of not being able to cope with specific demands and events, however, it can at times feel overwhelming and increase feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, and frustration. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge stress and take positive steps to reduce it were possible. Our stress management workshops are run for one hour per week over 5 weeks in a group setting via Zoom. They have been created to give you the opportunity to learn and try out techniques for understanding and reducing anxiety and stress levels. Our wellbeing facilitators, Debra & Natalie, will help you learn how to:

  • Understand how stress affects you as an individual
  • Try out different relaxation techniques to see which works best for you
  • Explore a variety of coping strategies to deal with stress
  • Build on your resilience by identifying and recognising your strengths
  • Develop and maintain a more resilient and positive mindset

Our stress management workshops can be useful in all aspects of life. We offer a wide variety of techniques and tools aimed at helping you regain some control of your stress levels to enable you to have a more balanced life; allowing more time and space for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun. Ultimately enabling you to feel more resilient to life’s challenges. You can book onto our self-management course by calling 0800 652 4531 or emailing

Prostate Cancer Research's "Infopool"

The Infopool is Prostate Cancer Research’s patient information and education platform. It has been developed by, with and for patients to address the unmet needs and challenges of the prostate cancer patient community as well as their carers and family members. The Infopool provides patient, carer or family member with some useful and interesting information as well as an opportunity to help shape the latest prostate cancer research and developments and to ensure your voice is heard and magnified. The Infopool can be accessed here

Professor Joe O'Sullivan's presentation

At our members' meeting in September 2019, our min speaker was Professor Joe O'Sullivan, Clinical Director of the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre. Joe's presentation was hugely popular and he spoke to a packed Maggie's audience - members have requested copies of Joe's slides and these can be downloaded here in PowerPoint format.

Prostate Scotland

Our colleagues at Prostate Scotland produce a very wide range of accessible information about prostate cancer, its diagnosis and treatment (as well as other diseases of the prostate).  Please use the link below to browse and download information

Prostate Scotland

Should you need further prostate cancer information or booklets  please go to  or contact them here - though please note that they cannot answer individual medical enquiries.

Useful Links

There are many websites about cancer and prostate cancer, not all of them will be reliable and some may be inaccurate and alarmist. We have found the following websites to be objective and based on fact. Please click on the organisation name and this will lead you to their website...

Maggie's Centres - offers free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends.

Prostate Cancer UK - funds research, promotes improvements in treatment, and provides much up-to-date information about diagnosis and treatment

Macmillan Cancer Support - provides physical, financial and emotional suoort to help those with cancer and their families and carers

Marie Curie - provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families

Western General Hospital, Edinburgh - large hospital in Edinburgh which includes the Edinburgh Cancer Care

St John's Hospital, Livingston - hospital which provides some cancer care for those living in West Lothian

Cancer Research UK - pioneer research to bring forward the day when 'all cancers are cured'

Tackle Prostate Cancer - campaigns for improved and earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer, and provides information and support

South East Scotland Cancer Network - SCAN works together regionally to improve cancer services

Scottish Cancer Prevention Network - aims to help cancer agencies to accelerate change and to increase capacity around cancer prevention

Scottish Medicines Consortium - The Scottish Medicines Consortium aims to ensure that people in Scotland have timely access to medicines that provide most benefit based on best available evidence

Sexual Advice Association - provides information about sexual problems (often experienced by men who have prostate cancer or have had treatment) including issues around erections and low sex drive

Institute of Cancer Research - The Institute of Cancer Research, based in London, is one of the most infuential cancer research organisations in the world

NHS Inform - Health Information website - NHS Inform's aim is to provide the people in Scotland with accurate and relevant information to help them make informed decisions about their own health and the health of the people they care for

Prostate Cancer Research Centre - works with some of the UK’s top scientists with a shared aim of reducing morbidity, increasing survival rates and improving the quality of life for men with prostate cancer

International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network - Us TOO International aims to empower men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and their loved ones, with the educational resources and support services to fight prostate cancer

Nutrition Resource provides information about nutrition and links to local organisations

Massage for cancer patients - Iris Cancer Partnership aims to 'advance the health and relief of those in need by reason of ill-health, by providing and supporting other organisations in the provision of massage therapy specially adapted for those diagnosed with cancer'

Sleep&ProstateCancer- click this heading to download an interesting article from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia about sleep disorders and Prostate Cancer

Cancer and society in the 21st Century - research focusing on how rapid developments in cancer research and care are changing what it’s like to be a cancer patient

Travel insurance

Many men with prostate cancer have concerns about getting travel insurance; information about this issue can be obtained from the following websites:

Travel insurance - Macmillan Cancer Support

Travel insurance - Cancer Research UK

Travel insurance - Money Supermarket

Travel insurance - CompareTheMarket

Travel insurance - Go Compare

Travel insurance - Towergate Travel Insurance