On Wednesday 13th October, fourteen ELPCSG members met in South Queensferry for coffee at 10.30 and then undertook a 5.5 mile circuit around the Dalmeny Estate, finishing off with a late lunch at the Hawes Inn. A good time was had by all!

Rob Lester writes “We passed a place on the Dalmeny Estate walk where they make ‘the only Vermouth that is entirely British’. Outside are hedges cut in the shape of Easter Island statues, which the owner calls ‘Vermouth Gods’ to protect the making of Vermouth. Member David Thomson managed to get a photo of these while the eyes were lit up (the bulbs are on a sensor and come on if you approach too closely).”

Enjoy the photos below, which were taken by Rob Lester, Larry Foster and David Thomson (click each photo to enlarge)