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To enable men with prostate cancer to support others who face life (and perhaps death) with a similar diagnosis.

To offer support, advice and guidance to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, to their families, friends and carers.

To enable men with prostate cancer to have a clearer understanding of treatment options, process and consequences of pursuing one option rather than another and steps available if there is a recurrence of the disease.

To provide opportunities for such people to explore their experiences and their feelings.

To consult and liaise with men and women with a professional expertise in areas of concern to men with prostate cancer.

To work with hospitals, clinics and surgeries, as appropriate, to provide a more supportive environment for men and their families facing issues related to prostate cancer.

To promote awareness within the wider community of the prevalence of prostate cancer.

To promote and campaign where appropriate with other organisations on national issues impacting on diagnosis, treatment and support of men with prostate cancer.

To work with others, as appropriate, to press for improved services and treatment for all men with prostate cancer and to ensure that people within Edinburgh and Lothian have access to the latest drugs and treatment available to men in other areas.

To work alongside and, where appropriate, to co-operate with other charitable bodies working in this area, such as The Maggie’s Centre, Macmillans, Prostate Scotland and The Prostate Cancer Charity.

To provide these aims without regard to religion, class or creed.