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  • 6th July 2017: Prostate Cancer News

    The latest issue of the Prostate Cancer UK’s newsletter “Insights” provides some interesting information about a powerful new blood test for prostate cancer and a surprising lack of knowledge about family risks in prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 15 June 2017: “GPs leaving men with family history of prostate cancer ‘blind’ to the risks”

    Family doctors are leaving patients with a family history of prostate cancer “completely blind” to the serious dangers they face, Prostate Cancer UK has warned. Men whose father or brothers suffered from the disease are 2.5 more likely to develop it, and should be monitored more closely. Read more in the Telegraph here

  • 14 June 2017: Smart blood test could cut prostate cancer death rate

    The Daily Mail reports that a new test that detects aggressive prostate cancerfrom a blood sample could save thousands of lives. The test can show when a tumour is a type that could spread quickly in the body, research suggests; it identifies prostate cancer patients with aggressive forms of the disease, whose risk of dying is ten times higher than men with slow-growing, less harmful tumours. Read more here

  • 5 June 2017: Macmillan Cancer Support now in Edinburgh Libraries

    A recently launched service helps people in Edinburgh who have been affected by cancer. The Central Library, Craigmillar Library and Drumbrae Library Hub give access to Macmillan information materials and specialist books, with trained volunteers  on hand to offer a listening ear and help with finding information. Volunteers also give advice on how to access counselling and mindfulness services and other Macmillan funded support programmes. Much more information here

  • 4 June 2017: Prostate cancer trial stuns researchers: ‘It’s a once in a career feeling’

    The Guardian reports that a study with ‘powerful results’ finds that combining two existing therapies could extend the life of men with advanced, high-risk prostate cancer by 37%. Researchers combined standard hormone therapy with a drug called abiraterone , which is typically used only for cancer patients whose disease has stopped responding to standard hormone therapy. Read more here

  • 1 June 2017: One of our members has written a blog about his prostate cancer experience

    One of our members has written a blog about his prostate cancer treatment and diagnosis, and his experiences of being a member of a Patient and Public Involvement panel. This has been posted on the “Cancer and Society in the 21st Century” website. the link is here

  • 4 May 2017: Prostate cancer – Blood test could help target treatment

    A blood test has been developed that could help target treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer, linked to the drugs abiraterone and enzalutamide. Read more here

  • 27 April 2017: “Italian-style coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer”

    Research has found that drinking more than three cups of espresso coffee a day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 53%. Read more here

  • 31 March 2017: Press coverage of West Lothian event

    The recent highly successful event in Livingston celebrating ten years of the West Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group was covered in both the Linlithgow Gazette and the West Lothian Courier. Cuttings are below:




  • 28 March 2017: West Lothian celebrates ten years!

    The West Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group celebrated ten successful years of operation at an event in Livingston on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. Here are a selection of photographs of the event (please click on each photo for a larger view):

    Charlie's Angels... or his support group

    Charlie’s Angels… or his support group



    Audience at the West Lothian Tenth Anniversary Event

    Audience at the West Lothian Tenth Anniversary Event



    Main Speakers - Professor Rob Jones & Professor Alan McNeill

    Main Speakers – Professor Rob Jones & Professor Alan McNeill

  • 9 March 2017: Details of West Lothian tenth anniversary event

    Further details on the West Lothian Group’s tenth anniversary event are provided here

  • 20 February 2017: Cancer patients in poorest parts of Scotland ‘twice as likely to die’

    A “completely unacceptable” cancer survival gap is growing between people living in the most and least deprived parts of Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support has warned, saying that there needs to be a major step up in cancer screening in deprived areas. Of the cancers investigated, prostate cancer patients faced the biggest survival gap, with a 98 per cent increased risk of death. Read more here


    Macmillan Cancer Support said there needs to be a major step up in cancer screening in deprived areas

  • 6 February 2017: Research study investigating physical activity advice given after a cancer diagnosis

    A new piece of research is being undertaken by Dr Stephen Gilbert and Professor John Saxton at Northumbria University. The research investigates the advice people being treated for cancer are receiving about physical activity after their diagnosis, and it is felt that participation may be of interest to members of the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group. Those who are interested in completing the survey should follow the link here

  • 20 January 2017: “Huge leap” in prostate cancer

    More good news about development of prostate cancer testing is announced – read more here


  • 4 January 2017: West Lothian Group to celebrate 10 years of success

    On Wednesday 22nd March 2017, West Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group will celebrate 10 years of supporting men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. An event will be held at the Almondvale Hospitality Suite at Livingston Stadium at 11 am, and distinguished speakers will address the guests. For more information please click here

    If you are interested in attending please contact Charlie Hogg – contact details on the attached flier.


  • 3 January 2017: BBC radio programme on prostate cancer

    BBC Radio 4 will feature a special programme on prostate cancer as part of their Inside Health series. This programme will be broadcast on Tuesday 3rd January at 9.00 pm and repeated on Wednesday 4th January at 15.30 Thereafter it will be available to listen to on the Radio 4 website. Looks interesting… Link to the BBC website here

  • 20 December 2016: Prostate cancer laser treatment “truly transformative”

    Surgeons have described a new treatment for early stage prostate cancer as “truly transformative”. The approach, tested across Europe, uses lasers and a drug made from deep sea bacteria to eliminate tumours; the new treatment causes less severe side effects on sexual activity and urination. Read more here

  • 9 December 2016: Man ‘cured’ of prostate cancer after doctors shock tumour to death with testosterone

    The Telegraph reports that a man with advanced prostate cancer is believed to be cured after doctors ‘shocked’ his tumour to death with huge amounts of testosterone. This is very unexpected as most prostate cancer therapies work by depriving tumours of testosterone, because cancer uses it as a fuel. Read more here

  • 28 November 2016: Irish TV presenter has prostate cancer

    The very popular Irish TV host Gay Byrne has revealed that he has prostate cancer – this has raised the profile of the disease in the Republic. An informative and well-researched article appeared in the Irish Independent – read more here

  • 16 November 2016: Patient Cancer Experience Survey (Scotland)
    1. The first national survey of cancer patients in Scotland was launched on Wednesday 7th October 2015. The survey results help to better understand people’s experience of cancer care in Scotland so that the Scottish Government can make sure that cancer care meets the needs and expectations of patients.The survey was run in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support.
    2. For access to the documents please click here
    3. Please note that it is possible to look at information specific to NHS Lothian, the South East Scotland Cancer Network, and the Edinburgh Cancer Centre – this is likely to be of particular interest to members and friends of the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group.
  • Event on Thursday 17th November 2016

    Are you living with cancer and another illness?

    If you are over 18 and would like to have your say in highlighting what you would like to see improve for people with cancer and other illnesses (such as diabetes, heart and lung disease) please get in touch about a forthcoming event.

    The event is being held in central Edinburgh on Thursday 17th November 2016 at 1 pm. The event starts with lunch and it is expected to conclude by 3.30/4.00 pm.  For more information, please contact Dr Debbie Cavers at the University of Edinburgh – e-mail



  • 10 November 2016: New robot in Edinburgh aids treatment of prostate cancer

    The da Vinci robot, now at the Western General in Edinburgh, features in today’s Evening News. Read more here

  • 15 September 2016: Prostate cancer treatment ‘not always needed’

    Just keeping an eye on localised prostate cancer results in the same 10-year survival rate as treating it, a study suggests. The report on the BBC website can be found here and a report in the Telegraph here

    Prostate Cancer UK’s website emphasises that this applies to men with localised prostate cancer, and that only about half the men diagnosed with prostate cancer are diagnosed at this early stage. Read more here

  • 9 September 2016: Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015 NHS Lothian

    Attached is a copy of the recently published Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015 for NHS Lothian. Interesting reading! Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015 NHS Lothian

  • 31 August 2016: Cancer Awareness Session to be held in Edinburgh on 22 September

    Macmillan will be running a cancer awareness session on Thursday 22nd September.

    This course is suitable for anyone who’s been affected by cancer, support group members or anyone with an interest in learning more about the subject. Topics covered include:

    • What is cancer?
    • Causes and prevention of cancer
    • Main types of cancer
    • Common treatments
    • Side effects
    • Consequences and late effects
    • Resources

    The course will be held on Thursday 22nd September between 2.30 and 4.30 pm in the Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre, 16 St Marys St, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU.

    If you would like to attend please contact Alan Gow by email at or by phone on 0141 647 6342.


  • 24 June 2016: ELPCSG Walking Group conquer Scottish Borders…

    Nine intrepid members of the ELPCSG Walking Group completed a most enjoyable circular walk of around eight miles in the hills above Galashiels – in searing heat! Here are our boys before they melted…


  • 16 August 2016: NHS patients missing out on new cancer treatments available in other countries

    The Telegraph reports that Breast Cancer Now and Prostate Cancer UK have found that NHS patients are missing out on new drugs available elsewhere in the world. Read more here

  • 1 August 2016: Thousands of cancer sufferers surviving decades after treatment

    Amid all the doom and gloom of the current news, there is much positive coverage in the media today of the increase in the number of patients surviving decades after treatment for cancer. The Guardian is one of many papers covering this… read more here

  • 27 July 2016: Robots as good as human surgeons, study finds

    The Telegraph reports the findings of research into the use of robotics in the treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 8 July 2016: Genes which raise risk of prostate cancer discovered by scientists

    Genes which raise the risk of prostate cancer have been discovered by scientists, leading to hopes that the disease could be caught early and treated more effectively through screening, reports the Telegraph. Read more here

  • 18 June 2016: New prostate cancer treatment

    The Daily Mail has described a new treatment for early-stage prostate cancer which “cooks” the tumours. Read more here

  • 14 June 2016: Lifestyle, exercise and prostate cancer

    Our very own Mike Shaw penned a very interesting article in The Scotsman recently on the link between men who are physically active after a prostate cancer diagnosis and their cancer survival rate. Read more here

  • 9 June 2016: Wales celebrates two years of the “Man Van”

    ITV News reports that Wales’ first mobile cancer support unit, dubbed the ‘ManVan’, is celebrating two years of supporting men who have been affected by cancer. Maybe Scotland needs one too? Read more here

  • 7 June 2016: Diet and exercise are “the best ways to fight cancer”

    The Telegraph reports that newly diagnosed cancer patients should be told to diet and exercise, amid mounting evidence that shedding the pounds is the best way to fight the disease. Read more here. Worth noting the reference in the article to prostate cancer and to the desirability of each cancer patient getting a personal trainer!

  • 2 June 2016: Prostate cancer aggression ‘linked to waist size’

    Men with larger waistlines could be at higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer, a University of Oxford study has suggested. Research on 140,000 men from eight European countries found that a 4in (10cm) larger waist circumference could increase the chances of getting the cancer by 13%. Read more here

  • 2 June 2016: ITV report on prostate cancer symptoms

    ITV News this morning reported on the symptoms associated with prostate cancer. Most of us will know all this already, but it is interesting to look at the latest statistics from Prostate Cancer UK. A link to the report is here

  • 31 May 2016: Coping with Active Surveillance anxiety in prostate cancer

    Science News reports that men with prostate cancer who are under medical surveillance reported significantly greater resilience and less anxiety after receiving an intervention of mindfulness meditation. Read more about the study here

  • 26 May 2016: Change in treatment of men with early prostate cancer in the USA

    The New York Times reports a dramatic rise in active surveillance in men with early-stage prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 9 May 2016: Revolutionary new drug being trialled for prostate cancer

    The Mirror reports that a revolutionary new treatment for prostate cancer, which is close to approval, is undergoing trials. The treatment involves the injection of a light sensitive drug into the bloodstream. Read more here

  • 27 April 2016: ELPCSG walking group enjoys another outing, this time in the Scottish Borders!

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  • 28 April 2016: Research News from the Prostate Cancer Foundation

    The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an organisation based in the USA which provides information about the latest research into prostate cancer. The most recent updates have included information about a new genetic test which helps to select the best medicines for prostate cancer treatment and identifies hereditary cancer genes, and a report that regular exercise may help prostate cancer survivors. Check it out here

  • 27 April 2016: Prostate awareness ‘dangerously low’ in British men

    British men are dangerously ignorant of the prostate gland, according to a men’s health charity. A survey by Prostate Cancer UK showed nearly one in five men did not even know they had a prostate and men were “blind” to the risk of cancer. Read more on the BBC News website here

  • 20 April 2016: Prostate cancer hormone therapy tied to higher depression risk

    Reuters Health reports that men who take hormone therapy for prostate cancer may have a higher risk of depression than patients who receive different treatment for these malignancies; this is according to a U.S. study. Read more here

  • 19 April 2016: New prostate cancer treatment shows higher cure rate

    According to researchers in the USA, a new treatment for prostate cancer – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) – showed a 98.6 percent cure rate. SBRT is a noninvasive form of radiation treatment that involves high-dose radiation beams entering the body through various angles and intersecting at the desired target. Read more in Science Daily here

  • 12 April 2016: Sunflower seeds and prostate cancer?

    A recent article in the Mail on Sunday makes for interesting reading; the piece is by Rachel Johnson:

    “Gelato… the latest medical breakthrough”

    In Italy they have a natural wonder drug for the disease, as I learned last week when a hotel owner in the Dolomites presented the two 50-plus males in our party with complimentary puddings: vanilla ice cream laced with sunflower seeds and oil.

    ‘For the men,’ he explained, making a pumping gesture with a fist. ‘For the prostata.’ I Googled it. ‘Researchers have discovered that eating sunflower seeds could be the best way to fight prostate cancer,’ I read on a medical website. ‘They found that a tiny protein in sunflower seeds may stop prostate cancer tumours spreading to the bone.’ I’m happy to pass on this tip to my few remaining male readers


  • 7 April 2016: New research suggests early life factors could increase prostate cancer risk

    Factors that influence when boys go through puberty could affect a man’s future risk of developing prostate cancer, a large study funded by World Cancer Research Fund has found. Read more here

  • 4 April 2016: Australia orders review after 100 men given false positive prostate cancer results

    The Guardian reports that an independent review has been ordered after about 100 South Australian men received false positive results for prostate cancer. The errors were uncovered when a leading urologist ordered new tests for dozens of his patients who then returned negative results. Read more here

  • 8 March 2016: Enzalutamide “win” for men in Scotland

    The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has approved the advanced prostate cancer drug enzalutamide to be prescribed on the NHS in Scotland for men who have not yet had chemotherapy. This drug is available in Scotland for men who have already had chemotherapy, but it was initially rejected by the SMC for use before chemotherapy in August 2015; the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group made a submission to the SMC and we are delighted at the outcome. Our colleagues at Prostate Scotland have produced a report which can be read here


  • 13 February 2016: New prostate cancer test can ‘smell’ the disease in men’s urine

    According to the Telegraph, researchers in England have developed a new diagnostic test that can detect urology-related cancers by ‘smelling’ the diseases in urine samples. Read more here  There is some quite interesting information in the “At a glance” section at the end of the article (e.g. that the figure for the number of men who will develop prostate cancer is now one in eight, and that in the UK 330,000 men are living with or after the disease).

  • 4 February 2016: Cancer death rates down by 10% in ten years

    Today (4th February 2016) is World Cancer Day and it is reported that cancer death rates in the UK have fallen by about 10% in the past 10 years. Improvements in diagnosis and treatment are thought to be the reason; almost half of all the cancer deaths in 2013 were from lung, bowel, breast or prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 2 February 2016 – Prostate cancer patient’s photo goes viral

    A prostate cancer patient has been hailed a “total hero” after a photo of him in his underwear showing his catheter bag went viral. Kurt Jewson’s Facebook post, which also shows his colostomy bag, scars and hormone implants, was shared by more than 185,000 people within four days. Read more on the BBC News website here

  • 12 January 2016: Exercise ‘cuts cancer death risk by 30%’

    Further details about the report that cancer  sufferers can cut their chances of dying from the disease by nearly one-third if they take exercise, is covered in the Herald article here

  • 6 January 2016: ‘Can exercise keep prostate cancer at bay?’

    UK researchers are carrying out a trial to see if exercise therapy can help men with prostate cancer. The Sheffield Hallam University team, backed by Cancer Research UK, have a hunch that physical activity can help the body stop tumours from spreading.

    Read more here

  • 19 November 2015: ‘When drugs pricing can be the bitterest pill’… article in The Scotsman

    There is a very interesting article in The Scotsman dated 19 November 2015. Dr Mike Capaldi writes that pharmaceutical firms have a duty not just to shareholders, but to patients… read more here

  • 29 October 2015: ‘Milestone’ prostate cancer drug

    Olaparib: the first drug that targets precise genetic mutations in prostate cancer has been shown to be effective in a “milestone” trial by UK scientists. Read more here

  • 13 October 2015: ELPCSG welcomes decision on Abiraterone

    The Edinburgh & Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group (ELPCSG) welcome the decision of the Independent Review Panel convened by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) to accept, on appeal, Abiraterone (Zytiga) for prostate cancer for routine use by NHS Scotland. It is a view that will be shared by the many patients and their families and carers in our area and throughout Scotland.

    An earlier critic of the SMC’s procedures, we are genuinely impressed by the evidence-based approach of the body, and its acknowledgement of the value of a new use of Abiraterone in a pre-chemotherapy phase of treatment alongside its current post-chemo application.

    It’s perhaps worth recalling that only last year, following an extensive review of how new medicines are introduced in Scotland, the SMC changed the way it evaluated end of life medicines.

    From the patients’ point of view, one of the most important changes was the introduction of a Patient and Clinician Engagement (PACE) group to give both patient groups and clinicians the opportunity to come together regarding new medicines.

    This broader, more flexible approach allows patient groups to describe the added benefits of a medicine from perspectives that might otherwise have been excluded from a conventional clinical and economic assessment process.

    Many of these ‘personal’ issues are familiar to all our members and have formed the basis of submissions we have made to the SMC on the subject. Today they can now be considered as a part of the ‘added value’ of a medicine.

    For example, its impact not only on the patient’s quality of life, but also that of his family or carers, with the benefits including allowing the patient to continue working or simply functioning as normally as possible – and all as a consequence of being better able to deal with symptoms such as fatigue, pain and psychological distress.

    The ELPCSG clearly has a particular interest in this outcome, but has never supported the idea of indiscriminate use of any new medicine. Our continuing aim remains that of working with consultants to empower them in their decision-making in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients and their families. The SMC announcement helps to deliver this.

    ELPCSG Committee – October 2015

  • 25 September 2015: New prostate cancer campaign in the Isle of Man

    The BBC reports that the Isle of Man has been renamed the “Isle of Men” in a new campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. More here

  • 11 August 2015: ELPCSG issues Press Release on Enalutamide

    The Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group has issued a press release expressing disappointment that the Scottish Medicines Consortium has decided not to make Enzulatimde available from NHS Scotland for men with advanced prostate cancer prior to chemotherapy. Read more here

  • 10 August 2015: Dogs used to detect prostate cancer

    The UK’s first clinical trial into prostate cancer detection by dogs has been given the go ahead, according to the Daily Telegraph. Read more here


  • 4 August 2015: Men need to keep fighting against prostate cancer… writes Mike Shaw of ELPCSG

    Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group committee member Mike Shaw has written a thought-provoking piece about prostate cancer for The Scotsman; Mike emphasises the importance of mental attitude in coping with diagnosis and treatment. Read more here



  • 31 July 2015: Prostate cancer ‘could actually be five different diseases’

    Scientists have discovered that prostate cancer could in fact be five different diseases, in research that may change the way the condition is treated. There is quite a lot of coverage in the press of this, click here for the article on the BBC news website

  • 21 July 2015: Meeting dates for ELPCSG, Edinburgh and West Lothian 2015/2016

    For your diary, future dates of meetings in Edinburgh and West Lothian are as follows:


    10th September 2015, 5th November 2015, 4th February 2016, 7th April 2016, 2nd June 2016, 8th September 2016 – all Thursdays and all at 7.00 pm at the Maggie’s Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. Click here for more information

    West Lothian

    6th August 2015, 1st October 2015, 11th February 2016, 12th May 2016, 4th August 2016, 6th October 2016 – all Thursdays and all at 7.00 pm at the Disability Centre, Livingston. Click here for more information

  • 23 June 2015: Smoking “clearly linked” to prostate cancer

    For the first time a research study claims to provide evidence of a clear link between smoking and prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 1 June 2015: Good diet ‘key in prostate battle’

    The Herald reports that men with prostate cancer are much more likely to die from the disease if they fail to eat healthily after the diagnosis. Read more here

  • 22 May 2015: Press coverage of new “game-changing drug” for prostate cancer

    There is a great deal of coverage of the news that nine out of ten men with advanced prostate cancer could soon be treated following a new study. Here are some links to what appears to be very good news:

    Daily Mail

    The Guardian

    The Telegraph

  • 21 May 2015: Prostate cancer gene map points way to targeted drugs

    The BBC has reported that scientists have unveiled a comprehensive genetic map of advanced prostate cancer, hailing it as the disease’s “Rosetta Stone”. The study shows that nearly nine in 10 men had gene mutations that could be targeted with drugs. Read more here

  • 17 May 2015: “New hopes for men with advanced prostate cancer”

    According to the Daily Telegraph, a major trial shows that prostate cancer sufferers can survive for almost two years longer if they are given chemotherapy earlier. This has been described as “potentially game-changing”. Read more here

  • 14 May 2015: Prostate cancer drug ‘extends lives’

    A major study shows that early treatment with Docetaxol, a chemotherapy drug, extends the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer by nearly two years. The drug is normally given after hormone treatment has failed. Read more here

  • 3 May 2015: Photos and information from the ELPCSG event on 28 April

    Below are some photos of the very successful event which was held at the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood on Tuesday 28 April. Liam McArthur, MSP for the Orkney Islands, welcomed around 140 guests to the Garden Lobby at the Scottish Parliament and Dr Duncan McLaren, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre gave us a fascinating glimpse into the future: the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in 2020. Mike Shaw, previous chair of the support group, spoke about the group’s current programme and future aspirations, and Charlie Hogg from the West Lothian Group ably acted as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Please note that a copy of the slides used during the evening presentations (including Dr McLaren’s very interesting slides) can be accessed here. Many more photos from the evening are available in our gallery section here. In the meantime here is a taster…. click onto each photo to enlarge…


     Photographs by Max Blinkhorn

  • 29 April 2015 Major event at Scottish Parliament

    On the evening of Wednesday 28th April 2015, some 130 members and friends of the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group gathered in the Garden Lobby of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood for a reception. Liam McArthur MSP welcomed us to the Scottish Parliament, and Charlie Hogg from our West Lothian Support Group, facilitated the evening. Dr Duncan McLaren, Consultant Oncologist at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, outlined current and future developments in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, and finally Mike Shaw, former Chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group, spoke about “Prostate Cancer Support Present and Future”. We are all grateful for the enthusiastic support we received from MSPs, members and friends which helped to make the evening a great success! Photos to follow…….

  • 22 April 2015 Hope for prostate cancer patients with drug originally intended for women

    According to the Telegraph, new research shows that a pioneering drug originally intended for women could be used to treat thousands of men with terminal prostate cancer. Read more here

  • 14 April 2015 Battling misconceptions about prostate cancer

    Mike Shaw, ELPCSG committee member, has written an article about prostate cancer for The Scotsman. Please click here to read it

  • 11 April 2015 Dogs trained to detect prostate cancer with more than 90% accuracy

    Hopes that man’s best friend can help doctors to detect prostate cancer have been boosted by recent research. Read more here

  • 7 April 2015 Scientists reveal genetic root of prostate cancer

    Research published in Nature reveals that prostate cancer tumours share common gene faults which could potentially offer new targets for treatment. Read more here

  • 27 March 2015 Shared decision-making by patients and clinicians on treatment for prostate cancer

    International research group has studied the decision aids for treatment choice of localised prostate cancer and found that the process is not easy… read more here

  • 20 March 2015 The discovery of new genes linked to prostate cancer could help calculate men’s risk of developing the disease

    SCOTTISH scientists have discovered “puppet-master” genes involved in the development of prostate cancer which could help lead to new treatments.

  • 16th March 2015 Blue Horizon Appeal for robot

    There has been a big step forward in bringing robot assisted prostate cancer surgery to the east and west of Scotland, with Scottish Government announcement of £2m funding commitment towards Blue Horizon Robot Appeal. Read more here on Prostate Scotland’s website

  • 15th March 2015 Prostate cancer surgery robots given £2m boost in Scotland

    Robots could be helping perform prostate cancer surgery in Scotland within the next two years. Prostate Scotland’s goal to buy two robots for Scotland has been given a £2m funding boost from the Scottish government. Read more here



  • 3rd March 2015 Prostate cancer sufferers may need healthy-looking cells treated too

    Men with prostate cancer may need more radical treatment to remove pre-cancerous cells that look normal and healthy under a microscope, a study has found. Read more here

  • 2nd March 2015 Age Scotland: March 2015 edition of the Edinburgh and Lothian bulletin

    The latest edition of the above bulletin contains some useful information, and can be downloaded here

  • 24th February 2015 Accidental discovery that could hold key to prostate cancer

    Drugs that prevent the development of treatment-resistant prostate cancer may be in prospect after the discovery of a new protein. Read more here

  • Disappointment at decision on Abiraterone – breaking news….

    Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group has expressed disappointment at the Scottish Medicines Consortium’s decision not to extend the licence for Abiraterone to allow this drug to be given ahead of chemotherapy. We feel that, once standard hormone injection therapy has become less effective, men with advanced prostate cancer have few treatment options. There is good evidence that, if Abiraterone is given early when hormone treatment has stopped working, life is prolonged and good quality of life maintained until chemotherapy is clinically indicated. For the full statement from the drug company please click here and for coverage in Third Force News click here

  • “Half of people in Britain born after 1960 will get cancer”

    Cancer Research UK (CRUK) estimate that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime - CRUK says more effort must be made to prevent people getting the disease and that the NHS must plan to treat more patients. The report is issued on Wednesday 4th February 2015, World Cancer Day. Read more here

  • Les Horne – ELPCSG Committee member – Died 22/1/15

    We are sorry to have to deliver some sad news, but we have heard today that Les
    died peacefully this morning.

    The service will be a private, family affair, but his daughter will keep in touch
    regarding a memorial service later on.

    Les was a real fighter for the group and a great support to individual
    members for many years and we will all miss him very much.

  • 16/1/15World Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer

    This is interesting from the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network and you can access their newsletter which has a short article on prostate cancer and a link to the World Cancer Research International Fund report on ‘diet, nutrition, physical activity and prostate cancer’.

  • 06/01/2015 Number living with cancer in UK will reach high of 2.5 million, charity says

    According to Macmillan Cancer Support says the rise is largely due to improvements in treatment and detection, with 1.6 million diagnosed at least five years ago. The number of men with prostate cancer has seen the greatest rise. Read more here

  • 22/12/2014 ELPCSG comments on public toilet closures in Evening News

    Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group is featured in today’s Edinburgh Evening News, in an article on the proposed closure of some public toilets. For the full article, please click here

  • 21/12/2014 New NICE decision recommends radium-223, but only after chemotherapy

    Prostate Cancer UK reports that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – which operates in England and Wales – has just released its second draft decision on radium-223. This time, they do recommend it be made available on the NHS for men with advanced prostate cancer that no longer responds to hormone therapy and has spread to the bones. But they only recommend it for these men if they’ve already been treated with chemotherapy. Please note that the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC), which operates independently of NICE, hasn’t yet considered radium-223 availability on the NHS in Scotland. So at the moment men north of the border can’t routinely access it. Read more here

  • 19/12/2014 Public toilets face axe in Edinburgh’s council funding review

    Most of Edinburgh’s 29 public toilets face the axe under plans to slice £600,000 from annual running costs. To read more follow the link here

  • 17/12/2014 NHS “denying patients new prostate wonder drug”

    According to last weekend’s Sunday Post, men in some areas with advanced prostate cancer are still being blocked from getting enzalutamide even though health watchdogs removed all restrictions on its use in November 2013. Read more here

  • 04/12/2014 Developments in Australia on prostate cancer testing for men over 50

    Australia’s leading cancer agencies have recommended that all men over the age of 50 be offered prostate cancer testing every two years, and that digital rectal examinations should no longer be carried out as part of the testing procedure. To access the full article in The Guardian, please click here

  • 01/12/2014 HIV drug maraviroc may slow prostate cancer

    New research reveals that an antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV can dramatically curb the spread of prostate cancer. More here

  • 19/11/14 Prostate cancer could be “switched off” with injection

    Prostate cancer could be ‘switched off’ after scientists discovered a way to prevent deadly tumours from spreading. Bristol and Nottingham universities found that a single molecule plays a crucial role in the forming of new blood vessels. Read more here

  • 10/11/2014 Only half of prostate cancer sufferers receive the best care, says UK audit

    Treatment and quality-of-life care for the most common form of cancer found in men varies “worringly” across the country, campaigners have suggested in a report issued today.

    Reacting to a first-of-its-kind audit of prostate cancer services across England and Wales, Owen Sharp, chief executive of Prostate Cancer UK, called for services to be improved “without delay”. Read more here

  • 05/11/14 AstraZeneca’s olaparib may also work in prostate cancer: expert

    Reuters report that AstraZeneca’s new cancer drug olaparib, which won a green light from European regulators last month for inherited ovarian cancer, could also be used much more widely to treat prostate cancer, according to a leading oncologist. Read more about this here

  • 05/11/14 Mind your language: ‘Battling’ cancer metaphors can make terminally ill patients worse

    Media portrayals of cancer as a “battle to be fought” are leading to feelings or failure and guilt among terminally ill patients, experts in language and end-of-life care have said. Read more here

  • 30/10/14 Does sex with 20 women protect against prostate cancer?

    The University of Montreal has found that men who had sex with more than 20 women lower their prostate cancer risk, possibly reducing the risk of developing cancer by one third. Details can be found here

  • 29/10/14 Local football team promotes prostate cancer awareness

    A West Lothian amateur side has teamed up with Prostate Scotland to raise awareness of prostate disease – which will affect nearly half of men in Scotland during their lifetime. Follow the link here

  • 15/10/14 Radio 5 Monday 20th Oct 10.00am – Peter Smith & Enzalutamide/Abiraterone

    Tune into Radio 5 10.00am Monday 20th October for interview with Peter Smith, click below..


  • 12/10/14 – Norman Bonney’s Talk at Maggie’s Edinburgh 9/10/14

    To read more about the talk Professor Norman Bonney (ELPCSG member) gave at Edinburgh’s meeting Thursday last week.

  • 8/10/14 Scottish Cancer Prevention Newsletter & Conference 4th Feb 2015

    See here for latest, click here to Download Scottish Cancer Prevention Network Newsletter. 

    Note also the 2015 SCPN Conference Do a little: gain a lot for prevention of cancer occurrence and recurrence is being held on Wednesday 4th February in Edinburgh.  Places are going fast, so book a place now

  • 10/9/14 Obituary Kerry Napuk – Scotsman Today

    Todays Scotsman has an obituary to ELPCSG Member, Kerry Napuk. Click link above to get hyper link to Scotsman.

  • 7/9/14 Death of Kerry Napuk August 28 2014 – Committee member ELPCSG

    Notice of funeral: Sad to report the death of Kerry Napuk, committee member ELPCSG. A  tribute will follow in due course. Here is the notice as per the Scotsman. NAPUK Kerry F. (Edinburgh) Peacefully, at Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, on August 28, 2014. Beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. Service at Mortonhall Crematorium, Main Chapel, on Monday, September 8, at 12 noon, followed by a reception to celebrate his life, to which all are welcome.

  • 20/8/14 – Aberdeen to get robot surgery…Press Release Scottish Government

    “NHS patients to get pioneering robotically assisted surgery.
    Scottish patients will soon be able to benefit from state-of-the-art robotic surgery, which will improve their quality of life following surgery.
    The Scottish Government is investing up to £1 million to complement the fundraising efforts of UCAN, the urological cancer charity in the North of Scotland, to purchase a robot that surgeons use to perform minimally invasive surgery – initially for prostate cancer.
    Scotland’s first Robotic-Assisted Surgical System (RASS) will operate from two new state-of-the-art theatres at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, with the first patient expected to benefit from the advanced surgical techniques early next year.
    This is the start of a process to deliver nationwide robotically assisted surgery and the Scottish Government will continue to work closely with boards and cancer charities to strategically plan who best to deliver these services across Scotland.
    Health Secretary Alex Neil said:
    “Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among men in Scotland. That is why we must do everything to ensure that men have access to the most advanced treatment available.
    “The Scottish Government is determined to adopt this kind of surgical innovation that can make such a difference to recovery.
    “I am delighted to have met the surgical team at NHS Grampian and heard their hopes for how this innovative technology will transform the care offered to patients in Scotland.
    “Surgeons in Scotland have never before had technology quite like this. That is why today’s announcement is just the starting point for robot assisted surgery in Scotland. I want to see robot-assisted surgery available to patients right across the country, with another robot in the central belt within the next three years, and we are already working with health boards and Prostate Scotland to make this happen.
    “Scotland has a strong record of leading the way in health innovations and pioneering treatment and robotic surgery offers a glimpse into the future for our NHS.”
    Richard Carey, Chief Executive of NHS Grampian said:
    “We are delighted that Aberdeen is set to be the first robotic surgery centre in Scotland. This is huge recognition of the ambition of clinical staff and the Board, and the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the UCAN campaign. Whilst Aberdeen will host the first robotic service, we will work closely with other Boards and other centres to develop this exciting approach in Scotland over the coming years.”
    UCAN chairman Professor Sam McClinton, a consultant urological surgeon, said:
    “This is fantastic news and we would like to thank the Scottish Government for helping us to achieve our aim of bringing Scotland’s first robotic surgical system to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
    “We’d also like to thank all those who have supported the Robotic Surgery for North Scotland campaign to date, including the individuals and companies who donated money as well as NHS Grampian and its endowment fund for their generous support.
    “UCAN is spearheading the campaign on behalf of the urology, general surgery, ENT and gynaecology teams at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and we are delighted that local people will be able to benefit from the very latest technology, which has numerous benefits to patients.”
    The Scottish Government has established a working group to work with health boards and the prostate cancer charities across the country to plan the introduction of this technology, including maximising the use of this technology to ensure access for patients across the country.

  • 18/8/14 Nice and Abiraterone

    The NHS drugs regulator in England, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has rejected a treatment for men with prostate cancer. See BBC PR 

  • 7/8/14 – The Times today PSA screening

     THE TIMES on 7 August, PSA screening would save 20% of men from dying but would cost thousands of men becoming impotent or incontinent.  A 20 year study of 162,000 men discovered that 40 per cent of men were over-diagnosed resulting in a high risk of over-treatment.  So, the study concluded that universal testing would do more harm than good.

  • 31/7/14 Meetings rest of this year ELPCSG
    A reminder of ELPCSG Group meetings coming up soon and later this year…
    Edinburgh – Maggies  7 pm
    September 4th  - Support Mtg and talk on Mindfulness- : an effective process for the management of pain, illness, fatigue, and stress in daily life.
    October 9th  -  Support Mtg and a fascinating diversion from prostate cancer with a talk by ELPCSG member Professor Norman Bonney on the subject of Remembrance.
    Particularly relevant in this centenary year of the 1st World War.
    November 6th – Support meeting and talk/discussion with clinical staff on Active Surveillance.
    West Lothian - Disability Centre, Livingston 7 pm 
    August 7th – Support mtg and talk/information by the manager of the Marie Curie Centre, Livingston on palliative care services.
    October 2nd – Support meeting and  talk/ discussion by specialist urology physiotherapist Karen Edwards of the Western General.
  • 10/7/14 Cycling and Prostate disease

    Interesting NHS link on cycling and prostate here. To download pdf fact sheet click Cycling for Health UK Study

  • 8/7/14 – Latest Newsletter Cancer Prevention Scotland..

    Latest newsletter available for download from Cancer Prevention Scotland (link also in our Useful links list)  which makes for interesting reading as ever.

  • 7/7/14 Knowing where the toilets are..

    Tongue in cheek but good headline for Prostate Cancer patients..Scotsman article regarding Commonwealth Toilets to download pdf of article. Remember ELPCSG have Toilets Cards available for members. A footnote..Libby Clegg and Mikail Huggins won the Gold for Team Scotland in the Commonwealth Games 100m for visually impaired. Although Mikail is English, a Brummy, he also received the Gold for that race.  I think the only Englishman to receive a Gold running for Team Scotland !

  • 7/7/14 Radiotherapy SABR
    Spotted by Kerry Napuk of ELPCSG..A new radiotherapy sophisticated treatment called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy or SABR is becoming available in England.

    This image-guided radiotherapy fires narrow beams of radiation at a tumour, targeting the cancer precisely without debilitating invasive surgery.  On average, patients need only five treatments compared to 25 for standard radiotherapy and can often return home the same day.  Moreover, patients have fewer side effects.
    The cost of implementing SABR is £5m in England compared to £42m for other radiotherapy.   The UK is third from bottom of European survival rates.  SABR is widely used across the Continent for treating seven different cancers including prostate and liver.

  • 3/7/14 Latest Dr Snuffy Myers blog..

    This week Dr. Snuffy Myers talks about iron deficiency and iron overload in prostate cancer patients. To sign up to blog go to

  • 25/6/14 – Press today, NHS sustainability /Cancer waiting targets/GP waiting times

    NHS sustainability: The Chairman of the British Medical Association in Scotland has warned on the sustainability of the NHS, likening the country’s health service to the Titanic.  Dr Brian Keighley warned that both the public and politicians had difficult questions to face on the level of service they wanted and the amount of tax they were willing to pay to provide it. (Herald page 1, Express page 1, Record page 1)

    Cancer waiting targets: Nine of Scotland’s fourteen regional NHS boards have failed to meet a key target for the treating of suspected cancer patients, official statistics have revealed. (Scotsman page 8, Herald page 5)

    GP waiting times: Patients are being put at risk by “brutal disinvestment” in general practice, and must now often wait for over two weeks for an appointment, the chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) has warned. (Guardian page 8)

  • 5/6/14 SCVO Scottish Charity Awards Final

    ELPCSG celebrated at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh narrowly missing being chosen by a worthy winner, the caravan Project. See more pics in the Gallery.

  • 4/6/14 High risk men unaware of prostate cancer threat
    Todays Times (Page 14) says Men who are most likely to get prostate cancer are “walking around like ticking time bombs” because they do not know that they are at risk, a charity has claimed.Men do not discuss the disease with GPs and risk missing out on early treatment, Prostate Cancer UK said. There is no screening programme for Britain’s most common male cancer so men have to rely on themselves to spot signs of the disease, which kills 11,000 a year. Owen Sharp head of PC UK said said some men over 50 with a family history or were black had a higher percentage of getting PCa but were unaware of this as there is no National Screening Programme.

  • 2/6/14 Protein, Fat and Dairy Links to Prostate Cancer
    Protein, Fat, and Dairy Linked to Prostate Cancer
    A diet high in fiber and carbohydrates and low in fat, protein, and dairy products may prevent prostate cancer, according to research presented this week at the American Urological Association annual meeting.
    Researchers analyzed the dietary habits of almost 10,000 men at risk for or suffering from prostate cancer. Results showed that a diet high in complex carbohydrates and low in protein and fat reduced cancer risk by 60 to 70 percent. Further, a fiber-rich diet reduced the risk by 70 to 80 percent. Researchers also observed an association between drinking milk and advanced prostate cancer.In addition, dietary habits may lead to several conditions that increase the risk for prostate cancer, including obesity and high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Men with two of these risk factors had a 35 percent increased risk for prostate cancer; three to four risk factors increased cancer risk by 94 percent. Researchers hope to provide clearer links between lifestyle choices and cancer prevention.

  • 2/6/14 Protect 2014 Newsletter

    See latest issue of Protec Newsletter , go to Downloads , under Health Public domain documents.

    Interesting facts  that over 100,000 men have been recruited to the trial with over 3,000 diagnosed with prostate cancer. The results are expected for publication in 2016.

  • 28/5/14 Next Edinburgh Mtg and AGM – June 12th 7 pm

    The next Edinburgh Meeting of ELPCSG at Maggies Centre will include our AGM. Please check web site for more information on the meeting.

  • 13/5/14 Donation by Dunbar Rotary Club

    £1500 presented to Rob Lester (Chairman ELPCSG) on 13/5/14  by Alan Burchell , Chairman of Dunbar Rotary Club.

  • 13/5/14 – NICE and Enzalutamide

    After a climbdown by the NHS treatments adviser, men in England /Wales with advanced prostate cancer will be given a second chance to benefit from powerful modern drugs when a first therapy fails. See article in Times 

  • 9/5/14 Last day of Voting for ELPCSG for Scottish Charity Awards

    Last day of voting for this year’s Scottish Charity awards. The final to be held June 5th at the Assembly Rooms. Please go to this web site and vote..Thanks!

  • 8/5/14 Prostate Cancer UK offer Comedy to help PCa sufferers

    Are you a prostate cancer patient? Why not join us for a Taster Workshop and learn how comedy can
    help improve your confidence and self-esteem from our professional stand-up comedians.

    email or call on 0141 314 0050.

  • 7/8/14 Dr Snuffy Myers Video clips on Treatment

    Dr Snuffy Myers talks on video about Active Surveillance or Radiation, Active Surveillance or Surgery and when a Prostatectomy is the Right choice.

  • 25/4/14 SCVO confirm ELPCSG in Charity Awards Final – Please vote for us..

    ELPCSG nominated as one of the finalists in this year’s Scottish Charity awards. The final to be held June5th at the Assembly Rooms. To win we also need votes so please go to this web site and vote..Thanks!

  • Scotland Against Cancer Conference June 2nd Edinburgh

    Scotland against Cancer Conference takes place June 2nd in Edinburgh, for more click HERE. 

  • 13/4/13 – Robots and Prostate Cancer

    New life-saving surgical techniques are not being adopted quickly enough in British hospitals. That is the stark conclusion of a report by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS). Click HERE for article in Todays Independent.

  • 11/4/14 BBC PR – How often is PCa mis-diagnosed ?

    See BBC article based on Cambridge research..Click HERE

  • 11/4/14 – Hannah Howie, daughter of Derek Howie ELPCSG Member

    Hannah Howie , daughter of ELPCSG member Derek Howie who has PCa is running the Edinburgh Marathon 2014 to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. To donate Click HERE

  • 11/4/14 – Two excellent Donations made today !
    Great donation of £570 by Alan & Susan Pate and Anne & Mike Brough who walked from Milngavie to Pitlochry to raise money for Prostate Cancer support.
    Generous donation by Lloyds Bank staff in Edinburgh today who  raised £424 for ELPCSG and Lloyds plan to match the amount!!

  • 11/4/14 – Men given ‘false hope’ by tests that underestimate severity of disease – Telegraph
    Men with prostate cancer being given ‘false hope’ by tests that underestimate severity of disease - Daily Telegraph Article.

  • 11/4/14 – Prostate Cancer Study Day Murrayfield Stadium May 15th

    Macmillan Cancer Support is working in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK to provide prostate cancer patients and their carers with a FREE information and workshop event. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of prostate cancer issues, keep abreast of the key developments in
    prostate cancer and to meet and talk with other people affected by prostate cancer and their carers.
    Parking will be available at Murrayfield Stadium on the day and refreshments and lunch will also be provided free of charge. Go to News and Events page (under Meeting Information) to see downloads and more info.
    Event: Prostate Cancer Study Day
    Date: 15th May 2014
    Time: 09.15 to 15.45
    Cost: Free
    Places are limited at this event and we expect demand to be high. To
    secure a place please complete a registration form and return it before
    the 2nd of May 2014 to:
    To Register 
    Or mail it to: Learning & Development 
    Macmillan Cancer Support , Level 3 , 132 Rose Street, Edinburgh , EH2 3JD

  • Ex Chairman Mike Shaw and Kirsty Wark..see Guardian article

    Ex ELPCSG Chairman Mike Shaw and Kirsty Wark..see Guardian article 5th April 2014

  • 31/3/14 – Macmillan News

    See latest Macmillan On Line Newsletter, click HERE

  • 26/3/14 West Lothian Courier Article on Genetics Mtg held on 25th March 2014

    West Lothian Courier Article on Genetics Mtg held on 25th March 2014, go to News and Events page.

  • 25/3/14 – In Prostate Cancer Awareness month.. ELPCSG West Lothian host Genetics/Inheritance and prostate cancer lecture.
    To mark ‘National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month’, the West Lothian branch of ELPCSG is organising a major meeting on the subject of Genetic Inheritance and Prostate Cancer at 11.00 am on the  25th March at Livingston FC Stadium. The guest speaker will be Audrey Ardern-Jones of the UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study (UKGPCS). UKGPCS has been undertaking a number of key studies with special relevance to men in Scotland: Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men in the UK. Each year around 41,000 men are diagnosed with the disease and more than 10,000 die of it. In Scotland the latest figure is 881. NHS Lothian recently published information from the World Health Organisation indicating that the projected number of men in the Edinburgh area diagnosed with the disease is expected to increase by 50% from 2012 to 2018/22. These figures highlight the need for early detection of men at high risk because prostate cancer is a preventable disease if caught early enough. Precise knowledge of the causes of prostate cancer remains limited,but one of the few factors recognised is that men with a family history of the disease are at higher risk.This makes even more alarming recently published research by Prostate Cancer UK that only 11% of GPs in Scotland initiated discussions on prostate cancer with men under 50 who were without symptoms but with a family history of the disease. The Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer Group (ELPCSG) is concerned that many men are either ignored or told that there is no need to get a screening PSA test until they are over 50. But if a father or older brother is diagnosed when under 60, the relative should certainly request a PSA test be done ten years before the age that diagnosis was made. Many health professionals are now saying that aged 40 is the age to start asymptomatic screening if a first degree relative is diagnosed under age 60. For more  information on meeting go to ELPCSG West Lothian page. Click.HERE 

  • 21/2/2014 BBC and in press today and study re genetic mutations and benefit to screening
    See BBC announcement that scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London had identified 13 genetic mutations linked to PCa which could serve as the basis for a more accurate screening programme. If a man carries these mutations, he has twice the likelihood of developing PCa and 15 times that it will be aggressive, which will help make an informed decision about AS vs interventions.The study will be extended to 2,000 men from the pilot involving 191 men. Also in Times see Link.

  • 15/2/2014 – Restriction on drugs for advanced prostate cancer patients..

    Sunday Telegraph today…see  article regarding restriction of drugs for advanced prostate cancer treatment CLICK HERE. Thankfully in Scotland no such restriction applies.

  • 4/2/2014 Letter to Times from ELPCSG
    See letter from Kerry Napuk Associate. Committee member ELPCSG to the Times 
    Dear Sirs

    You reported in today’s paper that the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network stressed the role of exercise and, to a lesser extent, diet in preventing cancer.  However, no mention was made about how baby aspirin affects cancer.

    Recent research studies on the impact of a daily dose of baby aspirin indicated the following:   over three years, reduced chance of developing Ca by 23% (25% in women;)  once diagnosed, over six and a half years, reduced the spreading of cancer by 55% ; over five years cut the risk of dying by 37% ; and reduced risk of bowel cancer by 40%. 

    While it has proven very difficult to change behaviour around weight control and exercise, it should not be difficult to convince people to take one 75 mg of aspirin each day.
    Yours sincerely
    Kerry Napuk

  • 3/2/2014 Prostate Scotland launch appeal for Da Vinci robot in Scotland
    Blue Horizon Robot Appeal : Launch on Monday 3rd February at National Museum for Scotland was organised by Prostate Scotland.Speakers: Robert Wilson, Sir Tom Farmer, William Samuel and Anna Gregor. Rob Lester also of ELPCSG. Aim is to bring robotically – assisted surgery to Scotland. Target £1.5 million.Video showed Da Vinci Robot being used at St George’s Hospital in London with the surgeon sitting at a console away from the operating table and the robot in place over the patient.The video showed the arms turning 360˚ with scalpel cutting and stitching. Advantages are better vision and more comfortable position for surgeon, steadier hold of scalpel, fewer complications (less bleeding and postoperative pain) with better margins for removal of prostate tissue and earlier discharge home. Figures include over 30 robots in England, around 40 in the Netherlands and Belgium, 5 Finland, 2 in Ireland and several in Turkey. Campaign underway in Wales for Cardiff “Operation Robot” 70% prostatectomies in USA are robot-assisted.

  • 3/2/2014 – New pill for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Times Today
    In Todays Times.. to see full article subscribe on line..A once-a-day pill for men with advanced prostate cancer cuts the risk of death by a third, “exciting” research has shown. Experts said that, in a study of 1,700 men, enzalutamide allowed an average of 17 extra healthy months before the need for chemotherapy. It could soon become the standard choice for thousands of men with Britain’s most common male cancer, if hormone treatment fails.The drug is available in Britain, but last week the NHS treatments adviser provoked uproar from charities when it imposed restrictions on who should be offered it after chemotherapy.
  • 2/3/2014 – Michael Parkinson campaigning to make Enzalutamide available to men in England.
    According to today’s SUNDAY TIMES, Michael Parkinson, diagnosed with PCa in May 2013, is campaigning to give English men more access to the new drug, enzalutamide, which NICE has restricted to men with advanced cancer who have not had abiraterone and stopped responding to hormone treatments. In Scotland, the drug is available without restrictions. Enzalutamide enabled men with advanced PCa to live about four months longer on average.

  • 28/1/2014 New Committee member ELPCSG

    Alistair Ferguson has agreed to join and strengthen the committee of ELPCSG.

  • NHS Scotland – patients access details on line..

     Patients @ NHS Lothian access details on line… See  e-health news…Click HERE

  • £400 raised by Chris Hoy shirt auction

    Great result , Chris Hoy kindly donated a cycling shirt to ELPCSG and at an auction last night run by Prostate Scotland £400 raised for Group funds…see pic in Fun and Social and in Gallery.

  • 24/1/2014 Lack of Prostate Cancer talk from GP’s worrying

    Research by Prostate Cancer Uk suggests that only 4 % of GPs discuss PCa with their patients..worryingly low..see Scotsman today, click HERE.

  • 21/1/2014 Walking fast and prostate cancer
    Researchers found that men who walked at a fast pace before being diagnosed with the disease had tumours containing larger and more regularly shaped blood vessels See article in Todays Scotsman.

  • 19/1/2014 ELPCSG West Lothian Event – Genetics and PCa – major event for patients/members
    As part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – ELPCSG – West Lothian Group are hosting an important event on the 25th March at 11.00 am at Livingston FC stadium with guest speaker Audrey Ardern-Jones talking about genetic inheritance and prostate cancer.The research referred to is called the IMPACT study (click HERE for Impact Study Link) and the aim is to find genetic changes that can identify a high risk of prostate cancer. This has implications for future screening.

  • 18/1/2014 New development HIFU Treatment of Prostate Cancer

    According to the NEW SCIENTIST magazine of 4 January, high-intensive focused ultrasound (HIFU) could revolutionise treatment for PCa.  While 70% of patients suffer sexual dysfunction and 15% become incontinent after surgery, HIFU allowed 90% of men to maintain an erection and none had incontinence.  More importantly, 95% of those treated did not experience a recurrence of the disease (compared to 30% from conventional surgery.)  Moreover, the procedure allows the patient to leave hospital same day.

  • 14/1/2014 Thanks to John Lewis

    Grateful thanks to John Lewis, Community Support section for allowing ELPCSG to host extra meetings and use their facilities!!

  • 9/1/14 Times article re NICE and MRI scans for early detection

    Men with suspected prostate cancer should be given an MRI scan says PCa expert See HERE.

  • 9/1/14 NICE Guidelines for Active Surveillance

    See the new protocol for Active Surveillance from NICE now on our web site under Downloads and the link from NICE, click here. The new guidelines have yet to be approved for Scotland, but  SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) guidelines usually follow NICE recommendations……so we would hope that Scotland will soon follow suit. Also the Times today published an article, click here for link.

  • 1/1/14 Letter to Times

    Kerry Napuk sends letter to the Times regarding early stage Prostate Cancer

    Dear Sirs

    Congratulations for supporting the leading charity for Prostate Cancer (PCa) which kills 10,000 men each year in the UK.

    While most men diagnosed with PCa are over 60 and have look risk, slow growing cancer (defined as a Gleason score of 6, PSA of 10 or less and age over 60,)  they often panic and rush into an intervention by surgery (radical prostectomy) or radio therapy (CRT.)
    However, such early interventions carry high risk of side effects such as incontinence, erectile disfunction, as well as the usual  physical repercussions which can result from surgery and radiation.  For example, 30% of men who opt for surgey will have a recurrence of their cancer within five years.  Men who had had a TURP and opt for CRT often will suffer serious bladder damage and may require a catheter for the rest of their lifves.

    The only sensible choice for men with low risk PCa is active surveillance, leaving them the option to have an intervention if their Gleason score deteriorates over time.

    Yours sincerely

    Kerry Napuk

    Edinburgh & Lothians Prostate Cancer Support Group

  • 1/1/14 Having A Good Death Check List

    ELPCSG have written (Kerry Napuk and Chris Garner) the  “Having A Good Death Check List”..
    Good to be prepared. Download PDF on ELPSG web site  on ELPCSG Docs page.

  • ELPCSG Walks

    This newly formed section run by member Iain Sime who leads easy to moderate walks with a social element for members. For info on the next walk contact Iain Sime via

  • 14/12/13 Vaccine for prostate cancer gets closer…

    See this in Daily Telegraph
    Scientists at Nottingham Trent University believe they have found a vaccine which can effectively ‘switch-off’ cancerous tumours by spurring the immune system into overdrive.

  • 6/12/13 John Lewis raises more funds for ELPCSG

    £1174.55 donated by John Lewis employees Mick Gardner and Jim Golder after sponsored bike ride.

  • 18/11/13 Test for aggressive prostate cancer

    See this article in todays  Daily Telegraph .
    Prostate cancer patients could be screened to detect aggressive tumours after scientists identified a protein linked to severe forms of the disease.

  • 11/11/2013 – New PCa Drug launched in Scotland

    New Prostate Cancer drug launched yesterday in Scotland by the SMC..see Scotsman newspaper today. Also see ELPCSG Press release.

  • 23/10/13 Donations to ELPCSG

    Wonderful donations this week to ELPCSG :
    -Ian Hays family and friends £400 to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.
    -Jim Ferguson’s bakery customers in Niddrie £28.
    -Family of the late George Newell, former committee member donated £1253 as per his wishes.
    -Mary Rae and her line dancing club in Granton £300.

  • 15/10/13 New research project – Macmillan & Ucan & NHS

    New research project in Scotland looking for men diagnosed with prostate cancer bewteen 2009 and 2013 to take part. Aim is to build an  advice and information system designed to provide support to people diagnosed with cancer who wish to remain in work during treatment or go back to work following treatment. The system will also help employers and healthcare teams to effectively support people living with and beyond cancer to return to work, and to help them maintain a good working life thereafter.  If interested email for more information.

  • 17/10/13 Presentation Edinburgh Maggies Centre – Watershed of Scotland

    Something different in the calendar, great presentation by Peter Wright about his walk and mapping of the Watershed of Scotland. High incidence of hill walkers in the Edinburgh section of the Group.

  • 14/10/13 ELPCSG thanked for contribution to award winning PCa documents

    Our friends at  Prostate Scotland have received two awards in the UK wide British Medical Association’s Patient Information Awards 2013. The two awards are:

    ‘Highly Commended’ for the booklet  ‘Advanced prostate cancer explained’
    ‘Commended’ for the booklet ‘BPH explained’.

    The awards are a wonderful accolade and a tribute to the work that the Prostate Scotland Advisory Group (PAGES) and our wider reading group which includes men from ELPCSG, has undertaken since its inception in December 2009 to develop and advise on accessible and high quality information for men and their families in Scotland about prostate disease. Mae Bell of Prostate Scotland stated “I would like to offer my sincere thanks to ELPCSG for all the support and contributions that you gave Prostate Scotland on ‘Advanced prostate cancer explained’.  Your input has been very highly valued and has been a very significant contribution to the development of these booklets and receiving the award is a most welcome and fitting tribute to all your hard work and support.”

  • 25/9/13 New Services from Macmillan

    Macmillan cancer support is introducing a new service to support people affected by cancer in their community.  The Direct Volunteering Services offer a variety of practical and emotional support by selected, trained and supervised group of volunteers. Complementing the work of Macmillan professionals and other local services, Macmillan Helping Matters Services for Edinburgh and West Lothian,  offer practical support, a listening ear and/or transport, shopping, andassisting with house work among other activities  – the little things that make a big difference to people affected by cancer during treatment and post treatment, to help them gain control and self manage.  

    Practical Support: providing help with day-to-day tasks such as shopping or housework (ironing, light gardening, help with laundry, vacuuming, meal preparation).  Some volunteers are also happy to help with dog walking or pet care. Or taking someone shopping, giving a carer a break.

    Transport: taking someone to a place they struggle to get to, for example, the shops, social activity or group meetings.

    Emotional Support: buddying or befriending. Simply being there so someone can talk about the way they’re feeling and any worries they have. Volunteers may help people who have become isolated and lost confidence, by making regular home visits for a cup of tea and a chat, making time to listen and provide relevant information and sign post them to other services that can support their needs.  Perhaps finding them new social activity to gain confidence, venues to visit, or a gentle physical activity and going with them until they have settled in.

  • ELPCSG produce new Group Card

    ELPCSG produce an updated group card . To view go to ELPCSG web site and ELPCSG Publications.

  • 3/9/13 Cancer Rehabilitation Class West Lothian

    Lynn Paterson, Health and well being consultant will be running Cancer Rehab classes on Tuesday Sept 3 which will run every Tuesday from 2.30 to 3.30 pm at the Xcite Bathgate Leisure Centre.Contact or telephone Lynn directly on 01506 237954.

  • 23/8/13 Edinburgh College Awareness Roadshow

    Last day of 4 site, 4 day road show with Prostate Scotland and ELPCSG. See pics in Gallery

  • 17/8/13 – £250 Donation from Livingston Round Table

    Kirstin Maxwell of the Livingston Round Table Fun Run on 8th June selected the Edinburgh and Lothian Prostate Cancer support group as their chosen charity to receive a £250 donation.Picture in Gallery.

  • 14/8/13 – Donation by Edinburgh Property Managers, James Gibb

    Today at Maggie’s Edinburgh Managing Director of James Gibb, Douglas Weir and Manager Valerie Black presented ELPCSG Chairman Rob Lester with a cheque for £500. James Gibb selected ELPCSG as one of their worthy Edinburgh Community charities to support.

  • 31/7/13 – Carer’s Forum – St Johns Edinburgh

    CARER’S FORUM Wednesday 18th September 2pm – 5pm
    St John’s Church, Princes Street,Edinburgh

    An opportunity to discuss, debate and deliver ongoing issues relating to unpaid carers and persons with
    disabilities affected by the recent and ongoing “Welfare Reform Act”.This debate invites medical, legal, educational, social care professionals, unpaid carers, persons with disabilities and charity groups. 

    For further information:
    Mobile: 07745 292860 or

  • 22/7/13 ELPCSG and Health Roadshow Edinburgh College

    Edinburgh College (formerly Stevenson and Telford) are running a health road show August 20th until August 23rd at their campuses and ELPCSG will have a stand…

    Tuesday 20th August at Granton Campus
    Wednesday 21st August at Milton Campus
    Thursday 22nd August at Sighthill Campus
    Friday 23rd August at Midlothian (Dalkeith) Campus

  • 9/7/13 Donation from Jim and Sheena Ferguson

    Lovely donation from Jim and Sheena Ferguson of £1005 from their Golden Wedding celebrations. Pictures on the Donation page and also in the Gallery .

  • 8/7/13 Michael Parkinson has Prostate Cancer

    Michael Parkinson reveals he has Prostate cancer. See BBC web page.

  • 30/6/13 Stress and GPs

    Stress: The BMA’s conference in Edinburgh yesterday warned that doctors were struggling to cope with the intensity of their workload and that pressure on NHS staff could not continue. See Daily Mail last Wednesday 

  • 30/6/13 – Cancer waiting times…

    Cancer waiting times: NHS boards failed to meet a two-month target from referral to treatment for seven out of ten cancer types according to official figures published yesterday. See Scotsman Wed 26th

  • 25/6/13 1000th Robotic surgery procedure for PCa

    In November 2008, Southmead Hospital in Bristol was amongst the first in the UK to start using the £1.4m robot in prostate cancer surgery and since then it has carried out 1,000 of the operations.See BBC Report.

  • 24/6/13 John Lewis Donation

    The Community Group of John Lewis today donated £1200 in John Lewis vouchers as result of a successful 3 months green token campaign in the ” Place to Eat” restaurant. Chairman Robert Lester received the vouchers (see gallery pics) stating this was a kind and significant contribution to continuing the support for men in Edinburgh and Lothian with Prostate Cancer. Picture also on Donations page also.

  • 21/6/13 Macmillan say Scottish patients feel abandoned after treatment

    The charity Macmillan Cancer Support has claimed too many Scottish cancer patients feel abandoned after finishing their treatment. The claim came as it announced a new £5 million project aimed at supporting patients once their treatment is complete. See Scotsman link.

  • 20/6/13 – Some of the new developments in Ca recently appearing in national newspapers…

    1 Half the people who die in 2020 will have Ca according to projections by Macmillan.  While many more people survive their disease, many never return to full health.  About two million people are living with their Ca, up from 1.1 million in 1992.
    2. Scientists at Imperial College, London have developed an “intelligent knife” that can distinguish between malignant and healthy cells during surgery.  Developed originally in Hungary, this knife is about 98 per cent accurate having a small mass spectrometer attached.  Cancerous tissue has a characteristic spectrum, which is identified by an automated algorithm.
    3. A new database of Ca patients from all over England is being collected and analysed from 350,000 cases diagnosed every year.  Cancer comes in many form (around 120) and, in a sense, every sufferer has a rare disease different in some way from another Ca.  This data can save lives if the NHS intervenes early enough and, even more importantly, moves resources from treatment to prevention.  (If this is not eventually achieved, the NHS will sink from a tsunami of Ca patients and drugs.)
    4. The single database of Ca in the NHS will be the largest registration service in the world, allowing clinicians instant access to details including how different tumours respond to various types of treatment.  It also will highlight variations in different parts of England and even between individual Ca units and oncologists.  The database has taken five years to create and is curated by the National Ca Intelligence Network.  (Will the Scottish NHS develop the same information?)
    5. Women with breast Ca suffer the same problem as men with PCa, undergoing unnecessary surgery after national screening.  The NHS invites two million women a year to have mammography checks between 50 and 70 years of age.  While this screening saves roughly 1,400 lives each year, the test also finds benign abnormalities which leads up to an estimated 4,000 women having gruelling and invasive treatment unneeded.  (The corresponding figures in a recent European study is 48 lives saved with 235 cases of over treatment for every 10,000 men who took a PSA test.)
    6. One of the co-founders of DNA, 85 year old Dr, James Watson has a theory that Ca treatments should focus on the fundamental chemistry of tumour cells, not on “wildly expensive and generally disappointing gene-based drugs.”  He is worried about certain antioxidants, such as blueberries.  Watson, not surprisingly, has had PCa for the last three years and is putting his trust in a cheap, long-established antidiabetic drug called “metformin,” which can also reduce the chance of getting Ca in the first place.

  • 20/6/13 Keith Cass – Red Sock MBE

    Keith Cass appointed MBE for his fantastic work for men with Prostate Cancer and raising awareness in Wales. See his msg to ELPCSG :
    Today is truly a ‘RED SOCK DAY’ The Queen has appointed me an MBE in her birthday honours list for the work I do through red sock in supporting those affected by prostate cancer.I will go out and use it to the best of my ability to bring prostate cancer to the forefront.Thank you and everyone at ELPCSG for their support and all the work you all do for the men in Scotland.
    We are all in this together and we WILL make a difference. Red Sock

  • Prostate Cancer UK and Father’s Day
    Good, short informative piece done in conjunction with PCa UK and using recent statistics.Click here.
  • 12/6/13 Prostate Scotland Presentation

    Prostate Scotland’s presentation from Edinburgh meeting June 6 now on web site, go to Downloads or Edinburgh Mtgs.

  • 12/6/13 – Diet and PCa

    This web site caught our eye regarding diet etc…take a look, click here.

  • 9/6/13 £1000 Donation

    Danderhall Bowling Club donate £1000, thks to Mrs Joan McLean who organised a Line Dancing night for Charity for ELPCSG.

  • 7/6/13 New Chairman ELPCSG

    Rob Lester appointed Chairman of ELPCSG at last nights AGM. Ian Hay made Vice Chair. Mike Shaw stood down after a very successful 2 year tenure. Mike will be remaining on the committee.

  • 1/6/13 Professor honoured re PCa Research

    A Cardiff University professor whose pioneering research helped change the way prostate cancer is treated has been recognised with a major scientific award. Click HERE

  • 1/6/13 Archbishop of York – Prostate Cancer

    Archbishop of York diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, Click HERE

  • 26/5/13 Post code lottery – Cancer drugs Sunday Times

    Article in today’s THE SUNDAY TIMES (p6) entitled “Doctor calls for an end to drugs lottery and also in the Scotsman (4 May) : cancer expert (Professor David Cameron, clinical director of the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre) says some Scots have to move to get life-saving treatment.” Cameron was aware of patients receiving drugs from one health board in Scotland yet denied them by another, the old postcode lottery issue some of our members  have experienced.
    The drugs mentioned were “cabazitaxel” for prostate cancer, as well as others for bowel, liver, thyroid, ovarian and breast.  He also remarked that denials were for economic reasons, the NHS needs to find a way to get these drugs at a lower cost and Scottish clinicians can ignore licensing restrictions if they believe a patient would benefit from a drug regardless of cost.
    One important issue for prostate cancer patients in Scotland is that Abiraterone can be prescribed in England (using the Cancer Drugs Fund) before chemotherapy. This is not the same in Scotland as Abiraterone is only licensed for use after chemotherapy. A good example of postcode lottery?
    And on the 22/5/13 a strong defence from the SMC on drug selection..Click HERE

  • 22/5/13 BRCA gene and Prostate Cancer

    The first man has had his prostate removed before diagnosis because of having a BRCA gene linked to cancer.  An ICR trail with 2,000 men concluded that those who carry BRCA1 have a 3.4 times higher risk of developing PCa and those with BRCA2 have 8.6 times the risk of non carriers.Roger Kirby links the BRCA2 gene with the same way women carriers of the gene have mastectomies well before any cancer emerges.One in eight men (12.5%) get PCa.

  • 22/5/13 – Evening News Edinburgh

    Example of Edinburgh Support Group Buddies in action…Edinburgh Evening News

  • 15/5/13 – ELPCSG – Report re GP Surgery and PCa.

    The ELPCSG fully recognise that the local surgery is the key port of call for prostate cancer patients. In response to a request from Macmillan’s, we asked our members for feedback on their own
    experience. Go to ELPCSG Publications.

  • 14/5/13 Prostate Cancer Federation

    See Report from our ELPCSG Vice Chair, Rob Lester on PCa Federation of Support Groups AGM and convention London. Go to ELPCSG Publications.

  • 13/5/13 Members Stories

    We need some more Members Stories on our web page. See update loaded today of our Chris Garner’s story.

  • 10/5/13 AGM June 6th

    ELPCSG’s next mtg on June 6th in Edinburgh (Maggie’s) will include the Group AGM,

  • 8/5/13 – Lothian Palliative Care Service Redesign Programme Workshop – 23rd May 2013

    The workshop aims to plan how best to get this important area promoted and talked about more openly and how we help individuals and families in a practical way.This is a sensitive area and one which may not apply to you directly,if you wish to attend and require more information email

  • 8/5/13 Cancer Drugs fund Scotland

    Experts reject call fro Scotland cancer drugs fund..See Scotsman today

  • 7/5/13 New method of biopsy testing for prostate cancer

    New way of testing for PCa – Revolutionary scan that helps reveal hidden prostate cancer See article in todays Daily Mail

  • 30/4/13 Cancer cases in Scotland increasing

    Cancer cases in Scotland have increased in the last 10 years, but patients are more likely to survive the illness, official statistics have shown. Click HERE

  • 28/4/13 – Married men and PCa

    According to THE TIMES on 25 April, married men are 40 percent less likely to die from PCa than those who are single, divorced, widowed or separated, because married men are less likely to be stressed and more likely to seek help from encouraging wives so says THE CANADIAN JOURNAL of urology, Nearly 32,000 cases of PCa are reported each year with 10,000 deaths.

  • ELPCSG Buddy Training course

    Next course this Tuesday 23rd In Maggie’s, Edinburgh. If more information required email

  • 17/4/13 – BMJ report benefits of PSA test for men in their 40s…

    See BBC Press release today commenting on study published by BMJ based on Swedish study saying testing men over 45 would catch more men with disease. NHS considering findings…current policy is that men over 50 can request the test but it can be counterproductive.

  • 12/4/13 – Great mtg last night at Maggies Edinburgh

    50 people turned out to hear Professor of Oncology David Cameron (also Direct NHS Cancer Services Lothian) talk about  Cancer services in Edinburgh V rest of UK and EU. Rita O Dea gave an update on the very suddessful udio CD system and Rob and Mike commented on ELPCSG activities. Members had time to chat and buddy over  a Jim Woodhead beverage..

  • 10/4/13 – Conference in Aberdeen May 22 about young people and cancer

    See attached details of one day Conference in Aberdeen about the challenges
    of supporting young people with cancer. To attend go to SCAN Events HERE

  • 9/4/13 Research and inherited genes

    Men with prostate cancer and inherited gene mutation have the worst form of the disease, research reveals. See BBC here

  • 9/4/13 – London patient convention for people with rarer cancers…

    Please see  HERE an invitation to a free patient event in London on
    Monday 3rd June from 10.00am-3.30pm for people with rarer cancers.

  • 8/4/13 – Brachytherapy & traveling to the USA

    Edinburgh member and buddy Les Alexander shares information on his recent trip to the US after Brachytherapy treatment and the benefits of a Travel card. Go to Member’s Stories .

  • 31/3/13 Urology surgeon diagnosed with PCa

    Professor Roger Kirby is one of the world’s leading prostate surgeons. So when he developed prostate cancer last year he knew exactly what he was up against. He tells Simon Garfield about his operation – see the Guardian article here.

  • 30/3/13 ASDA – Dunbar

    Great day ELPCSG had at ASDA in Dunbar Sunday 23 March as part of March Prostate cancer month.Thanks to Eric , Gordon, Mike, Ron and Bill. A pic in our gallery!

  • 28/3/13 Local Press News

    See Today’s West Lothian Courier for photo and piece on Awareness campaign with West Lothian Fire stations . Also pic in Mondays’ Edinburgh Evening News and donation to Mike Shaw  from the Mayflower bar and restaurant in Loanhead. For pics refer to Gallery 2.

  • 27/3/13 DNA markers aid detection of PCa

    More than 80 genetic markers that can increase the risk of developing breast, prostate or ovarian cancer have been found in the largest study of its kind. Click23/3/13 Extra mtg date Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Group announce extra mtg Oct 17th, Hill walkers seem to have a high incidence of a mtg of interest to hill walkerswith talk by Peter Wright , author of Ribbon of Wildness ( and his development of the Watershed of Scotland.

  • 20/3/13 Donations

    £500 donated to ELPCSG by the Loanhead Mayflower Bar & Restaurant  patrons and £265 received from  West Lothian from Our Lady & St Bridget Men’s Club. See Evening News March 25, Notice board Gallery page 19 for picture and information on the Mayflower donation.

  • 13/3/13 – 3 Prostate Cancer Experts have disease

    In a cruel twist of fate, these three top prostate cancer experts have ALL been hit by the disease. Their stories are vital reading for men – and their loved ones Read more…

  • 7/3/13 Courier- West Lothian

    West Lothian Courier carries advertisement for Group Buddy programe and piece about the activities of the West Lothian Group (part of ELPCSG). Local MSP and supporter Angela Constance quoted”West Lothian Prostate Cancer Support Group provides invaluable awareness help and support on one of the most important issues of men’s health”

  • 6/3/13 – Lymphoedema event Glasgow May 17

    Please see information about the Macmillan Lymphoedema Project for Scotland and a patient event to be held in Glasgow on Friday 17th May. More info HERE

  • 5/3/13 NHS Inform site

    Also our group listed on the NHS Inform database..see link below NHS Inform

  • 5/3/13 Mike Shaw – BBC and 90th Anniversary

    Our Chairman, Mike Shaw, ex BBC is on Good morning Scotland (radio)tomorrow (6th) after 8.30 am and then on Reporting Scotland tomorrow evening on the television….

  • Patches 4/3/13

    Skin patches which deliver oestrogen into the blood may be a cheaper and safer treatment for prostate cancer than current therapies, a study says.

  • 1/3/13 ELPCSG & Fire Brigades

    ELPCSG  publicise Prostate Cancer and Buddy Service in Lothian Fire Brigade.

  • 1/3/13 2013 PCa awareness month

    John Lewis establish green token system in cafe “”Place to Eat” in Edinburgh for months of February thro’ to April featured during March Prostate Cancer awareness month. See ELPCSG committee member Bill Platts donating his tokens. Click here.

  • 27/2/13 – Royal Infirmary

    £300 raised  byWards 209, 208, 108 and 109  and OPD6 in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by sponsoring co-workers James Cassie, Jake Grieve and John Keegan to grow moustaches during Movember month 2012. See pic of presentation on donations page.

  • 24/2/13 – Just Giving

    ELPCSG now signed up for Just Giving .. go to Just Giving/ELPCSG for more information.

  • 21/2/13 – BMA Awards

    ELPCSG & WGH submit entry for  BMA awards for innovative recording of PCA this space!

  • 12/2/13 – ELPCSG Member Chris Garner and St Andrews Univ

    ELPCSG Member Chris Garner case study with  press release from Edinburgh & St Andrews Univs. announcement of new test research. Go to News & Events page for more info. See Herald Newspap

  • 31/1/13 – Patient Forum Edinburgh

    Over 20 men from ELPCSG participate in patient Forum for WGH. See review notes on News & events page.

  • 25/1/13 – ELPCSG Audio system

    Release of Video on Prostate Scotland web site of ELPCSG members talking about Audio recording system in diagnosis clinic at WGH. Click HERE

  • 25/1/13 Chairman ELPCSG and Danish Health Service

    Mike Shaw(Chair ELPCSG) presents ELPCSG model to Danish Health Service.

  • 24/1/13 – BBC article re risk of PCA incresaing

    Lifetime risk of prostate cancer “has trebled” BBC article…click here

  • The Real Spider Man…

    Member and Former Vice Chairman, Peter Phillip’s climber son in the Scotsman, “Meet the Real Spider Man” click here

  • Mike Shaw at the Edinburgh Book Festival…

    Our Chairman, Mike Shaw at the Edinburgh Book Festival, August 18, 2012 ELPCSG chairman,
    Mike Shaw, will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival at 11.00 am  on Saturday, 18 August, to talk about The  first 50 Years of the BBC in Scotland. Since its establishment in 1922 the BBC has continually asserted itself as one of the great British institutions at home and abroad. David Pat Walker has written an in-depth analysis of the history of BBC Scotland from its creation in 1923 through to its 50th anniversary. Mike Shaw, who worked closely with Walker on the book and produced one of the 50th anniversary programmes, discusses the development of the BBC in Scotland with James Boyle, former Controller of Radio 4. 
    Peppers Theatre  
    £10.00, £8.00.

  • 8/1/13 – Ian Hay donation

    Ian Hay and family make the first donation to ELPCSG in 2013. £270 taking part in Movember!

  • 8/1/13 – Most commopn cancer for men by 2030

    Happy New Year all.. first blog item of 2013
    PROSTATE cancer is set to become Edinburgh’s  most common cancer by 2030, alarmed health experts have warned…see article in today’s Evening news, click here.

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