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This page holds documents specific to the Group (ELPCSG) e.g., Notices of past meetings, PR releases etc. and other relevant documents.

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Current Trustees

Ian Hay – Chairman ELPCSG

Charlie Hogg – Committee member ELPCSG

Jim Woodhead – Committee member ELPCSG

Mike Shaw – Committee member ELPCSG

Robert Lester – Committee member ELPCSG

Alasdair Ferguson – Committee member ELPCSG



Group Governance Documents…


Chairman’s Report 2014  Addendum 2014 Report – West Lothian Group Notes

( Above Chairman’s Report is a  PPT download, if it does not open after download, save it, then open in Powerpoint Viewer or Open Office/Libre Office/ANO etc.)


AGM 2014minutes

Trustees Annual Report 2014

Annual Financial Report 2014