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2017 – February 2nd, April 6th, June 8th (AGM), September 7th (*** Special Event at BT Murrayfield Stadium***), November 9th

2018 – February 8th, April 12th, June 7th

All meetings (with the exception of the meeting on September 7th) are at the Maggie’s Centre, The Stables, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road South, Edinburgh, EH4 2XU starting at 6.45 – 7 pm.

For location of meeting see map and  directions by clicking  here

For more information on the next meeting or previous mtgs- Go to ELPCSG Meetings Notices in ELPCSG Publications and click on meeting link  to view meeting notice details.

Powerpoint slides from Sandra Bagnall’s talk on the Transforming Care After Treatment project, February 5th 2015 click here

Powerpoint slides from Terry Kehoe’s talk “Radiotherapy – the art of the invisible”, February 5th 2015 click here

Powerpoint slides from Sara Khorasani’s talk on Mindfulness , Sept 4th, 2014 click here.

Powerpoint slides from Dr John Steyn’s talk on e-health, April 10th, 2014 click here.

Powerpoint slides from Oncologist Consultant Dr J Malik’s  talk “New Ways of Managing Prostate Cancer” Nov 7th 2013 click here.

PDF of slides from Adam Gaines Prostate Scotland talk June 6th, 2013 click here.

Powerpoint slides from Duncan McLaren’s presentation on February 9th,2012 click here.

Powerpoint slides from Karen Edwards presentation on November 3rd,2011 click here.

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