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Our Support Group is run by men who have all had a diagnosis of prostate cancer, so we know something about the shock and anxiety that such news can bring. We also know about different forms of treatment because, within our group, we seem to have members who have experienced most of them. We have members who have sailed through treatment and now consider themselves to be cured. We have others for whom treatment has been more on-going and who have moved from one stage to another. We also have a few who continue to struggle with the condition despite various forms of treatment.

What we have found to be important is the knowledge that we are not alone in our condition. Knowing others who have been through it or who are still going through it can be an enormous boost to our self confidence and knowing that there are people around who can discuss things with us and share experiences often provides just the sort of ‘lift’ that we need. Men tend not to be very good at talking about these sort of things or sharing feelings – we know that, we are men! But our group gives people the opportunity and the confidence to do just that – or at least to sit and listen to others even if they are reluctant to talk about things themselves!

Our group is the evidence you may need to show that a diagnosis of prostate cancer does not mean that our lives are almost over, and it proves the point that life can go on, with laughter and all sorts of activity, despite this wretched condition. We know that to be true because we have discovered it ourselves within this group.

Example quotation by member Joe Walker

 ” Having recently been diagnosed with early stage localised prostate cancer I was devastated as I am fit and had none of the usual symptoms .On getting the news at the hospital I was given a book detailing the four choices open to me and advised to contact the local support group .Having spoken  on the phone to former patients I was becoming more at ease with my situation and was leaning towards choosing surgery .On attending my first meeting at the Maggie centre I was comforted by the relaxed welcoming atmosphere and by meeting guys cured and others still in treatment .Without this I would still be a worried wreck so big  thanks to the  group and its Buddy programme. its a great initiative “

We have two Groups, one that meets in Edinburgh and another group that meets alternately in Livingston, West Lothian. Both Groups have meetings throughout the year and you are welcome to attend with a friend or family member. There are no pressures to ‘join’ or ‘do anything’. We are what it says on the label – a support group for men with prostate cancer.

Outside of meetings there is support by telephone 07933 260 066 or email info@elpcsg.co.uk. The Buddy system exists to match the newly diagnosed (Callers) up with those who have had a similar pathway.

ELPCSG History

Our group was formed in 2001 and was part of SaPCa (Scottish Association of Prostate Cancer Support Groups) which later became PCSS (Prostate Cancer Support Scotland). Our group grew from strength to strength and in 2009 took the lead in organising and running a National Conference. In 2010 PCSS merged with TPCC (The Prostate Cancer Charity) but our group chose not to go with such a merger and decided to set up an independent Scottish Charity. More information on our history can be found in the Newsletters in the ELPCSG Publications section of the website.

Obituraries (Former Chairs)

David Wright (Chairman 2004- 2008)

Malcolm Goldsmith (Chairman 2008 – 2010)

If you wish to comment/feedback on the Group or our website please email info@elpcsg.co.uk .